Gifts for the Mama-to-be

Mary may have an immaculate conception, but she still had to carry that babe around for 9 months before her big night in the manger. So…what gifts might Mary have enjoyed if she was an expectant Mama in the 21st century? Me? I’d be happy with massages, pedicures, and tea – but I though you might like to see some of the more interesting gift ideas out there with Christmas Gift Idea Day #7: The kickTrak kick counter counts baby’s movements in utero starting the 24th week. How, exactly this thing hooks up, I’m not sure. In between checking baby is getting his/her daily amount of workout time, make sure you are developing their brain as well with babyplus the prenatal education system. Their motto is: “Your womb…the perfect classroom.” Sheesh, and I thought waiting lists for pre-schools were over the top.

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