Holiday Performance

It was a wonderful Christmas, a truly great holiday (except for the uncomfortable moments with my brother, when I wish I would have bought and brought my present suggestion from Day 18 … it sure would have come in handy.) Lots of special moments enjoying being with family and opening presents, and lots of great memories. My favorite memory of this Christmas will probably be the acting lesson my husband gave my daughter concerning what to do if you receive a gift you already have. As we opened presents in the comfort of our own home Christmas morning, just the 3 of us – well, 3 1/2 of us – (sigh, that was so perfect) Dad walked Aishtyn through how to react if she opened a duplicate present. Basically, it involved jumping up and getting all excited while shouting, “I don’t have this, it’s just what I wanted!!!”

“It’s not lying.” we told her, “It’s acting.” When she asked why she had to say this, we explained how people try hard to pick special gifts just for her and it would hurt their feelings if she acted bored and unimpressed with their tokens of love.

I have to say, I was pretty impressed. She almost managed to pull it off. At one point she opened up a gift at my Mom’s house, that she did indeed already have and without any prompting from us she jumped up screaming, “I don’t have this! I don’t have this!” Then she rather ruined the effect by turning to her father and telling him, “I pretended I don’t have this!”

Ah well, as in all things – it’s the thought that counts!

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