Aishtyn – the one and only.

Since finding out we’re having another girl, I have names on the brain. After writing down all the names that came to mind without help, I turned to the internet to search for other possibilities. Which led me to think about the name I had already chosen for child #1. This name sort of created itself, evolving as my husband and I took bits and pieces of names we liked and ended up creating our own name.

Though I suspected it was original, now I know for sure it is unique: I did a google search for “Aishtyn” and every entry that came up had to do with the one, and apparently only, Aishtyn  – my daughter. Among the pages that popped up was Aishtyn as Pirate Princess – some photos of her stealing the show from a friend of ours, who is part of a singing group that performs Renaissance Faire style shows.

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