Don’t eat too many nuts…they may freeze.

Continuing on the hilarious things kids say thread – the other day my sister and I were talking and I asked her if she would have to walk to a babysitting job she had later in the week or if they were going to pick her up, she said she’d probably walk. My daughter’s instant response was, “Walk? You’ll freeze your nuts off!”

I did the whole giggle/snort thing while my sister paused…asked me what exactly did Aishtyn just say, and then concluded she must have heard it from her father (which, of course, she did).

So when my sister asked Aishtyn if that’s something her Dad told her she replied, “Yeah, my Dada eats too many nuts and then they freeze.”

Giggle/Snort again. Hey Dad – you get to explain this one to her later.

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