Taking the Frankensteins Shopping

At least that’s what my daughter would do. If she was being chased by a herd of Frankensteins. She’d take them shopping for new clothes.

Let me back up a little – lately Aishtyn has been having a hard time settling down at night, complaining that no matter how hard she tries to think good thoughts, the bad dreams always take over. So before bed last night my husband asked her to describe all her bad dreams, and then helped her think of ways to make them good dreams. (Kind of like what you’d do if you ever encountered a bogart)

Some of her various bad dreams included a lightbulb that was trying to eat her, mummies chasing her on the moon, and the one about the Frankensteins. (No average monsters under the bed for this girl!)

I still can’t shake the image of Aishtyn leading a troop of bewildered Frankensteins around the mall…dressing them all in pink.

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