This Birthday Brought to You By Nintendo

So, it’s more than 3 months since hubby celebrated the passing of another year and I’ve been meaning to mention the awesomeness of my mad gift giving skillz (in the midst of having our second child and recovering, mind you). But, sheesh, I’ve been a wee bit busy with the wee one.

Last year, Mario in all his deliciousness was the b-day cake, this year, Zelda (well, Link, to be exact) graced the icing in a macho way…

Both made by a friend who dabbles in cake decorating as a side business (see Link to ShortCakes if you’re jealous and want one for yourself).

So, the cake alone was a great gift, but I also bought the man a Wii (which I had purchased months in advance and hid under the bed, in case I went into labor and didn’t have a chance to find one later).

His Mom got him a DS, so the boy was just a happy camper all around.

Since he has now added a special section to his website showcasing the cakes, I gotta think about what to do next year!

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