Why I love Broccoli

Not the veggie my lil sis used to call “trees.” Though I do love me some broccoli, freshly steamed with a little garlic, or stir-fried, or  stuffed on top of a baked potato and smothered in cheese, oh yum.

No the broccoli I am loving is the egotistical blowhard who has an I.Q. of 10, “10 Damn It!” Broccoli is the smartest vegetable, you know, and the rest of you are all FFFFFFFFFoooooools.

Back in the day when the hubby and I were just dating teens sitting around watching t.v. after our shift at the mall, we would eat Dairy Queen and watch Liquid Television on Mtv…and that is where I met and fell in love with the trash talking terror, Mr. Broccoli. If you have never had the ultimate delight of seeing this veggie in action, please enjoy now.

And if you don’t like it, you’re wrong. Wrong. You’re wrong.

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