Seeking to Silence the Stress

We all know stress is bad for us, and I am really trying hard to not let all the little things bother me. The other day I was feeling Mr. Stress creep up and threaten to drown me, when I realized here I was on a GORGEOUS day, walking with my even more gorgeous daughters to the park with a blue blue sky and the wind blowing through the trees with the taste of fall in the air. So, I let it all go…all the little things eating me – I just told them all to go away. I walked on, listening to the happy chatter of my 5 year old, and the wind in the trees.

Ever since I was very little I have loved that sound. On fall nights I would lie down on an old picnic table we had in our backyard and look up at the stars, just listening to the wind in the trees. If ever I found a moment of true peace, of a “quietness” in my soul, it was listening to the wind blowing through the trees. Other sounds have brought me similar moments of comfort, joy, and/or peace – and the simple act of listing them on my Top 10 page has made me remember how nice it is to sit and just listen.

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