Goodbye to a Friend

On Monday my sweet little ball of fluff, Thisbe, passed away.

She was my first, “baby.” I bought her when I was still a teen, and she gave me and my family 12 years of love. As Aishtyn says, “Nothing will be the same without Thisbe.”

She loved her milkbone snacks, and would often find various places to hide her stash. She had such a belly on her we called her a “watermelon on toothpicks.”

Unfortunately, this may have led to her developing diabetes, which she was diagnosed with late last year. We managed almost a year with vet visits and insulin shots and a special diet…but in the last few weeks things took a turn for the worse, and from one Sunday to the next, she was gone.

Goodbye Thisbe, we will all miss you.

In Memory of Thisbe

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