I really just need to make my own…

Holiday radio station. First let me say that  I love Christmas music: it helps put me in the holiday mood, it lifts my spirit and is part of the whole package of decorating, baking, shopping, wrapping and anticipating. All fun things to do….yet do them too much or for too long at one time and what was fun becomes a tedious chore. Same issue with the holiday music. One local radio station goes all holiday all the time from mid-November til the big day. Which is a great idea – I like the fact that anytime I need a boost I can flip to that station and get some holiday tunes. The problem is that it seems to always be the same 4 or 5 tunes. And that, well, it become rather tedious…like waiting in line after line after line. Or having to do those last few batches of cookies after making a dozen dozen. Especially since they seem to have some of my least favorite songs on permanent hourly repeat.

So I have resorted to gathering my favorite holiday music and loading up the trusty ipod. Viola! My own holiday radio station. Maybe I’ll get A.J. to record some intros to various songs. She loves to play talk radio. Check out my Top 10 page to see what the main songs in my rotation would be…and the 10 holiday songs you would NEVER hear on Radio Johnson.

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