And while we’re on the subject of cakes…

Yours truly had a birthday in here somewhere.

Now, usually I don’t do cake…it’s really just not my thing. I was that weird kid who didn’t like frosting.

But Beth, my friend who makes all the incredible edibles you have seen me post here, convinced my husband (upon delivering the cake seen in my previous post) that she needed to make a cake for me too.

Finding a theme for me wasn’t too hard (just see #1 & #2 on my 100 things)

yoda-cake-08And since she knows I’m not a fan of the traditional celebratory confections, she made this for me out of RICE KRISPIE TREATS. Yes people, the Jedi Master is gracing a “cake” made of Snap-Crackle-Pop deliciousness.

Which was actually quite an evil thing to do.

I LOVE rice krispie treats.

Love them.

Luckily the frosting was so incredibly sweet that in order to avoid a diabetic coma I couldn’t eat too much at one time.

Or at least I had to remove gobs of frosting first.

It was worth it and hey – if you’re going to have to face the reality of growing older it’s nice to know at least you’re not like, 900!

The fact that Yoda was a puppet brought to life by the same man who voiced Miss Piggy is of no consequence.

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