It’s 30 degrees below zero and we’re gardening

Indoors, that is. We planted a mini herb garden, and hopefully in a few weeks we’ll have a luscious crop of Basil, Sweet Marjoram, Parsley, and Cilantro.


The project was simple, and not too messy…we used a gift A.J. had been given for the holidays (to which her original response was, “Oh great. A plant.”  Luckily her severe lack of enthusiasm warmed up when we opened the Chia herb garden and she began unpacking all the

You just take a garden “sponge”, soak it in water for a sec, squeeze out the excess, and plop it one of the

Since the Chia herb garden uses some type of mossy sponge rather than a pile of dirt, filling the pots with soil and water was a fairly smooth and clean process. Not a small feat considering Miss-Spills-A-Lot was in charge. (Seriously…on several occasions she has been threatened with the possibility of only being allowed drinks in the bathtub).


So, after choosing our herbs (the kit comes with 6, we decided to save dill and chives for later) sprinkling the seeds on top and adding the little name tag stake thingies (is there a technical name for those things?).  In less than 15 minutes we were just about done.  While I covered each pot with a plastic sandwich bag to simulate a mini greenhouse, Miss A made cards noting the germination time line for each plant (5 days for the basil & marjoram, 10 for the parsley and cilantro).  The kit recommends setting the plants on top of the fridge since the fairly warm area will help the germination process. (This was fine with me, since that would put them out of the reach of Miss-I’ll-Just-Water-Them-A-Little-Bit-More).garden4

After the germination stage, the pots are supposed to be moved to a south facing window…the south side of our house doesn’t have a single window, so I’ll see what I can come up with.

As for whether I’ll be making some tasty Thai noodles with the basil or some kickin’ salsa with the cilantro…sure…whether it will be from my spice cabinet or freshly trimmed from our mini garden…

Either way, it was fun to do this activity together, especially since we were stuck indoors on a day most of the town shut down due to the ridiculous temps.  I’m a bit shocked at how often schools, etc close due to weather conditions nowadays – I have to wonder if the world is getting softer or smarter…and is everyone turning into a bunch of pansies?

One of the joys of homeschool – learning doesn’t get put on hold ‘cuz of the weather.

And Grandpa Johnson? She’s sorry she said she didn’t like the present…it wasn’t “just a plant” afterall.garden5

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