My thumb might not be green…

But a pale lime…or celery? Maybe.

Our mini herb garden, “It’s alive!”

10 days after we got things going, things are, well – going!

10-daysAll 4 of the pots we planted managed to germinate and show evidence of green growth, it was actually quite exciting!

progress-10-daysOf the 5 day germinators, the basil seems to be chugging along better than the marjoram…but that may just be how they sprout (Miss A is going to look into that more for school tomorrow).

At first, I was worried about the 10 day germinators, since they were looking a tad funky for a day or two, but now seem to be coming along nicely as well.

The parsley is a little sparse.
The parsley is a little sparse.
But the cilantro is kicking some herb butt!
But the cilantro is kicking some herb butt!

Now,  a subzero climate that has been pretty grey, in a house where the only south facing window is in the basement…we shall see just how green a thumb I have.

I must say I am proud of Miss A – she has been very  diligent about remembering to: a) water the plants, b) ask me before she waters the plants, and c) slowly water the plants just enough so they don’t die a horrible soggy death.

And props to the Pioneer Woman’s photoshop actions. If you can’t tell, I’ve been having some fun playing with the boost option. Not bad, considering my rinky-dink point and shoot I got at the Circle store.

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