The Naughty Space Bar

No, no, this is not some review of a bizarre new strip club where the girls wear space suits and the poles look like rockets…so if that’s what you’re looking for please go away and never come here again.

Or better yet you can go to this website, which is a link a fellow homeschool mom sent out this morning to our group.

I clicked, looked,  and said “Well then.” Wondering if it was a mistake, or if maybe she had decided let us in on a much more personal side of her life.

One that involved shoe fetishes and dominatrix dates.

How did this happen, you wonder?

Easy. Blame it on that naughty space bar.

Just one stray tap of that space bar and you go from this:

to this: http://www.chicagoh omeschoolexpo. com/

ETA: Since posting this, the “mistake” link no longer takes you anywhere…so if you were hoping for a dose of porn…you’ll have to get it elsewhere my friend.

I know, it’s so hard to find porn on the internets.

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