An Idea Made of Awesome that I must Steal (and so can you)

This morning while  Miss A was at her gymnastics class and Lil G’ was napping I decided to do some surfin’ on the internets.

A chase-a-link-athon brought me to a nice little site about organization.

Sifting through, I found an idea I know I have to try. She calls it “pizza box storage.” And that’s exactly what it is. She takes clean, unused pizza boxes (I hope my local pizza shop is as generous with their boxes as hers was) and stores 12×12 scrapbook paper in them. Oh, what a great idea.

I’m going to take this idea and expand on it – storing Miss A’s projects and coloring in them (and letting her color on the box as well).

I already use the cardboard circles that come with frozen pizzas for everything from clocks that help teach telling time, to mobile bases, to planets of the solar system. So why not try this as well? Hmm, what other parts of pizza and its components can I use? My sister used to take the little plastic tables they put on pizzas to keep the cheese from sticking to the top of the box and use them as Barbie furniture.

Aaah, just one more reason to love pizza.

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