To Buy or Not to Buy

This is of course, a question I ask myself often…as I tend to buy way too much of certain items (in fact, I’ve made a list of the top 10 products I purchase to the point of ridiculousness)…but I am rather let’s say frugal, and will often second guess a purchase I am about to make – even if its something I need (like a freakin’ microwave…almost 2 years sans instant reheat-ability now…).

So when I saw what’s up for grabs on the BabySteals site (have you not been? It’s my nirvana for baby indulgences, most notably BabyLegs) I almost clicked “BUY!” right away…then thought some more about it and came here instead.

Today they are selling “Smart Mom Jewlry” …and with Lil’ G’s teeth popping up all over the place, she sure would appreciate the gnawing opportunity. I have my qualms though…first of all, Lil’  G, teething or not,  is already fascinated by necklaces…and I often have to pull her hands away and tell her no before she hurts herself or me in her ardent desire to maul my jewelry. I don’t think I want to suddenly turn around encourage her to play with a necklace. Mixed messages and inconsistent parenting and all that. Second, I consider myself to be a clean person (my husband thinks I get a little crazy with the travel soap sometimes) but in reality  – how sanitary will a necklace I wear all day really be?And what if  perfume and/or lotion get on it? (assuming I had time that day to apply either).

So, while I think it’s an interesting idea…I’m going to pass. It’s just not for me.

Sorry Lil’ G…you’ll have to keep rockin’ out on those fingers.

And yes, those are BabyLegs she's wearing.
And yes, those are BabyLegs she's wearing.

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