It’s Spring Break! Hope your swimsuit is lined in fur.

Oh yeah, springtime in the Midwest. It is the embodiment of that saying, “It ain’t over til it’s over.” Cuz winter? It ain’t over yet.

The calendar may show that the season of spring started just over a week ago…


And local schools may be starting their spring break vacation tomorrow…


But spring has decided she  doesn’t feel like coming out to play right now…


Maybe in a few more weeks, she’ll feel like doing something.


Until then, winter is hanging around like that annoying last party guest that JUST WONT LEAVE.


Go away winter, I have other stuff I’d like to do.


Those poor birds say get lost, too.

Let’s hope winter gets the hint real soon…who knows, last year we scrapped any chance of an outdoor Easter egg hunt since it looked like Christmas.

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