The Snake Show – Jewelry Edition

It’s become a Johnson family tradition: right around Miss A’s bday we head out for our annual trip to ReptileFest…what we refer to as, “the snake show.” I come along just to take pics…I have never liked snakes…not since I screamed bloody murder the time a little garter snake crossed my path on the side of our house when I was 6 or so…and I demanded my Dad go out there and hunt for it…and bless the man he humored me and did go out there – with a butterfly net. Miss A, who will shortly turn 6 herself, has no such fears. She thinks snakes are delightful and at shows like this has been known to invite the slinky things to slither right up her shirt sleeve. Oh, I’m getting the creepy crawlies just thinking about it.

This year the theme was snake jewelery, like the ring you see here:


My daughter has some strange taste in jewelry, I tell you what.


Check out this bracelet:


She is trying to decide how best to wear it…snake-bracelet-2

At least she matches her accessories.


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