Marilyn Monroe at Max & Ruby?

This morning, we had a delightful little field trip to see “Max & Ruby” live onstage. (If you don’t know who Max&Ruby are, you are missing out on some of the cutest books ever! We love Rosemary Wells around here…well except for her book about Felix and the Worrier, but we’ll talk about that some other time). The show was really well done, a small cast of 5 or so, and a simple set, but the costumes, musical numbers, sound effects and storyline were very entertaining. I enjoyed myself almost as much as the kids did (though half my fun is simply watching how much fun they are having).

After the show, as we were in the lobby taking stock and making plans for lunch, Miss A discovered something interesting…

Remind you of anything?
Remind you of anything?

Turns out, the entertainment in the lobby was pretty good too.


The look on her face when she first stepped on the vent…well, if you’ve seen The 7 Year Itch, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Unlike Ms Monroe, Miss A wears leggings most of the time.

Thank Goodness.

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