BabyLegs…Why I can’t stop buying them. BabySteals…My Addiction Enabler.

Why BabyLegs, do you ask?

Ok, so aside from the point that Lil’ G looks freakin’ adorable in them…

See? Adorabale.
See? Adorable.
And just as cute when viewed from here.
And just as cute when viewed from here.
Even just kickin' back with a bottle of cold juice, with BabyLegs, you are always stylin'.
Even just kickin' back with a bottle of cold juice, with BabyLegs, you're always stylin'.

So, aside from all the cuteness, there are all the oohs and aahs from the general public noting the incredible wonderment of said cuteness that is my baby and the even more incredible amazingness of my mad mothering skillz for discovering such an incredible product.

And they’re right to admire me.

BabyLegs aren’t just cute (I did mention how cute they are though, didn’t I? Just checkin’), they are also a Mama’s dream come true. They make diaper changes soooo much quicker (ever try and wrestle a 10 month old out of a pair of tights?), they grow with your baby: I figure Lil G will wear hers from 6 months old to 6 years old. They extend the life of baby’s wardrobe, summer stuff becomes winter wear when teamed up with a long sleeve onesie and a pair of BabyLegs…and if some outfits still fit but the legs are too short, no problem, add a pair of BabyLegs to make up the difference. A final benefit is that, Lil G, like the other females in this house, hates to wear socks. With BabyLegs, I can let her have her naked feet, and if her tootsies get too chilly, I just pull the BabyLegs down low to warm ’em up.

I just LOVE BabyLegs. Can you tell yet?

Love them.
Love them.
I get WAY too excited when a box like this arrives in the mail.
I get WAY too excited when a box like this arrives in the mail.

But all addictions come at a price: I am a sensible shopper. I buy my shoes from PayLess and my clothes from Target or Kohls. Yet, for some reason, I find myself unable to resist buying an item I would normally consider “not worth the money.” Cuz these things?
They are worth the money! Really! Ok, well maybe not worth the $15-$20  or so a pair they’d cost if you bought ’em outright…but if you are a regular at BabySteals like me, your pulse will start to race with excitement if you manage to catch one of the package deals they sometimes do…such as 3 sets of BabyLegs for $21 (and that includes s/h).

“What’s BabySteals” you ask? It’s quite simply a wonderdrug of maternal shopping heaven (ok, actually it’s a website that sells cool baby stuff at deep discounts).  It’s through BabySteals, and the sweet deals they offer, that I have been able to get my BabyLegs fix…and not feel guilty about it (well, not too guilty anyway).

I'd say it's well worth it.
I'd say it's well worth it.

If you want to get your MamaGroove on and buy some BabyLegs, check out the BabySteals site – they’re celebrating their 1st birthday soon (hey, so is Lil G!) and they’re inviting everyone to the party.

I hope BabyLegs are in the Goody Bags.

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