Px3 Part 1

Px3 = Peter Pan Party, but I thought Px3 looked cooler, like a new videogame system or something. The Part 1 is because over the next couple of days (or weeks, depending on how organized I am), I will be posting various bits from Miss A’s recent b-day celebration. We can’t seem to get away from this general theme…2 years ago it was a Pirate and Princess party, last year it was a Fairy & Pixie Party, this year the focus was on the main man Pan. I hope you enjoy the Peter Pan Party Planning Posts (Px5…that’s the REALLY cool videogame system).

I’ll be showing you how to make cheap and easy Peter Pan party hats, sharing pics of how we turned the party space into Neverland (be sure to check out my unintenionally manly mermaids), describe some other Peter Pan themed games, and share ideas on thank you cards and goodie bags.

But for today, we’ll start with the most important element of the birthday party:  the CAKE. Miss A drew up a rough draft of the design for her cake (I’ll be sure to post it here soon…)she was very specific about what it should look like, and I think my favorite cake maker, Beth of ShortCakes, exceeded Miss A’s expectations.


Here's a bigger picture, it was just that good.
Here's a bigger picture, it was just that good.

Really, it was so good, that there wasn’t a spec left.

They done 'et it all.
They done 'et it all.

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