Digital Drama and Technical Trauma

I’m having a bad e-day. Like a bad hair day but with all things electrical.

1. My main computer has been wigging out for about a week…the husband will fix it eventually, after all he’s a computer dude – that’s his thing – but that’s also the problem: he’s a computer dude, that’s his thing, and he does it at work all day and really doesn’t want to deal with it at home. Like if you’re married to a plumber and your own leaky faucet never gets fixed (I also have a leaky faucet and that’s not getting fixed either, but I digress). So it will get fixed, I just don’t know when.

2. Since I am unable to do anything on the internets on my main computer, luckily I recently got a netbook…however that too is wigging out whenever I let it run on the battery. So I need to send it in to get it fixed (it’s brand new!) but am stalling cuz  I dread the complete loss of an internet connection.

3. I was going to try and load some tv shows from itunes onto my ipod for Miss A to watch while on her first airplane ride, but my ipod froze up. Luckily, that annoying little glitch has happened before, and I knew how to fix it (in case you don’t, hold the menu and center button down together for 6 seconds or so) – it’s a pita, but a mild one.

4. Lil G was lookin’ just so cute this morning that I thought I’d snap a few shots…of course she won’t sit still for a nanosecond, so most of the time I have to delete the blurred mess I end up with (I only buy cheap cameras, my tendency to lose the things prevents me from indulging in a dslr, so I just lust over them instead). When I went to delete a photo, the whole camera froze – won’t turn off, won’t delete the pic, won’t take a pic  – nothing. So after pressing all sorts of buttons to no effect, I tried what I do when  my phone flips out in the same way – I pulled the battery out, waited a few seconds, then popped it back in. It worked. I wish everything could be fixed by just doing that. Or dropping it, that would be good too.

5. Speaking of dropping, when I went to do my usual 6am load of laundry, I dropped the bottle of detergent which then pulled the dispenser cup out of it’s slot and both crashed to the ground. You’d think a washing machine that cost over 1k would be built of parts that don’t crack on their first drop, but alas, no. A corner chipped off….I ran the load anyway, crossing my fingers that it’s not an issue. Maybe Fisher-Price should do contract work for  appliances, their sh*t doesn’t break no matter what a toddler whose favorite past time is throwing things can do to it.

So I’m getting the heck off the computer now, with the day I’m having lord knows what’s going to flip out next.

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