10 Years Ago…

10 years ago:

I was getting ready to graduate college.

I was student teaching high school – my “preps” were: Speech (Juniors and Seniors), Honors English Literature (Juniors), and a BD class of  Soph. year American Literature…quite a variety, I must say.

I was performing in my last college theatre production. Originally someone else was cast in my role, but then she had to fly out to CA for an audition, and I was asked to come in and read the part for a week so rehearsals could continue. I really liked the director, so I agreed. When the week was up and they needed me to continue for another, I told them to drop her and cast me or forget it…a favor was one thing, but I was way too busy to put all that time in on a part that wasn’t mine. The director agreed, and gave me the part. I’m glad he did, because I really enjoyed that play. I’m also proud of myself for standing up for lil Ms. Me.


The girl whose part I took over? She didn’t get that part she auditioned for, but don’t feel sad for her – she’s moved on to bigger and better things.

So, while she has made a successful career in Hollywood (I’m only a teensy bit jealous…really), what have I done in the last 10 years?

Taught high school Theatre and English, got engaged, moved into my first (and only) apartment, got married, moved into a townhouse, had Miss A, moved into a bigger house, had Lil G, and now am on the verge of launching my own Children’s Theatre Co.

Quite a few milestones hit in a decade, even if they aren’t very glamorous.

While I directed lots of lots of plays during this time, my only stint on stage was when a theatre was performing in a mall…yes, that’s right,


a theatre in a mall…it didn’t last long. I think it’s a trendy clothing store now.

I miss acting, and hope to find the time to be in a few productions here and there, even if they are small potatoes community theatre productions, and not big time fancy pants stuff like a prime time t.v. show.

So what’s up for the next 10 years?

No more kids, that’s a given. And most likely no more moving.

I would like to go back to college for my Master’s…but I’m in no hurry, maybe in the 10 years after these 10 years (while the girls are in college too, don’t worry, I won’t make them take me to any parties).

I’d like to reach a place where I am happy in my body.

I’d like to actually finish a novel.

As for the rest, check back in 10 years.

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