Taking a Break from the Current Agenda

And now – a mini hiatus from all things Disney. (Don’t worry, I’ll be posting Princess-Palooza next).

At a MMO this morning (that’s “Mom’s Morning Out” for those of you not in the know) we were talking about developments in the area and how sad it is that rather than take over and remodel a store that has been abandoned (like Linens’ N’ Things) so many places need to eat up open space and build new. Then we went on to talk about what we’d like to see less of (Tanning Salons and Wal Marts) and what we wish we’d have more of. For me, I’d love to see a Trader Joe’s open up my way…oh yes, that would be lovely…so if the person in charge of making such a decision reads this (I realize how unlikely that is but whatever) please get to work on that. Mmmmk?

Why Trader Joe’s you ask? Here: my list of Top 10 things I love about Trader Joe’s.

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