We Must Have Something Against Closet Doors.

I never really thought about it, but looking through my house, I guess we kinda do. Have something against closet doors that is.

A's closet 1It started simply enough…I don’t like bi-fold closet doors in the kids’ rooms, because I think it is all too easy to pinch a finger in one of those. So upon moving in, we took out the doors in Miss A’s room and used the drapes from her room in the old house to “act” like closet doors.

G's closet 1So of course, when we got the spare room ready for Lil’ G, I took out the bifolds in there and used simple drapes…her room is a horse theme now, but she may decide on something different in a few years.

hubby's closet 3

Then the husband decided he needed more room to display his game collection (actually, if I remember correctly, he was the first to declare war on closet doors: removing the ones in his office at the old house, and doing the same thing in his new office.) So after several trips to Ikea for some book shelves, he had a place to house his hobby.

hubby's closet 1

laundry room closet 2

The doors to the closet in the laundry room were irksome; Miss A had a hard time manuevering them when she wanted to get a game out of there. So off those went too.

laundry room closet 1 A pretty sheer curtain can hide all kinds of scary clutter-ness.

hall closet 1

The denoument, though, is our foyer/front hall closet. It had sliding closet doors that loved to fall off the track. While incredibly annoying, it wasn’t a big deal until Lil’ G was on her way…then it became a potential hazard. So rather than buy new doors or fix the track we decided on a solution that was more “us.” We ripped the doors out, and while we were at it, we ripped the old shelving organizers out too. That left some nasty holes in the drywall. Which even after patching, were less than smooth…so I decided on some wall paper (in small amounts, I like a little wall paper. Shhh, don’t tell anyone).  Then it was off to Ikea for new shelving, hooks, and a shoe bench.

hall closet 2With all our coats, shoes, bags, etc in there it might look a little cluttered, but in reality it’s not too bad. Leaving it open makes the whole hallway feel bigger. Guests have a place to sit and take off their shoes, and Lil’ G has a constant source of entertainment removing said shoes  from the shelves.

In fact, after it was finished, I believe I inspired many friends to do the same in their own homes. Ha! I’ve started a trend…join in! Free yourselves from closet doors forever.

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