My Summer Fling Has Begun

With a Sony E-reader…not some dude named Sven…though I may encounter him in one of the dozen or so novels I intend to fly through on my little digital jaunt.

Now, before I show you these pictures, I want to make it clear that I am not one of those woman who has to have expensive shoes, purses, or jewelry (which is a good thing, since I couldn’t afford any of that even if I wanted it). I have friends who get turned on by labels and brands…but I am more than happy to buy all my stuff from Kohls…or the circle store.

Even so, I was still tickled by the fact that my e-reader arrived in a cover case that matched my current purse.


And the fact that it fit perfectly in the front pocket of my non-designer purse, well, now I know we must be made for each other.

sony reader fit

Oh, Sony e-reader, our time will be brief, but memorable.

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