When am I going to learn…

that if I want to get a full workout in during the a.m. that I can’t, not even for one second, touch my computer? I was all set for a morning session of yoga, everything ready, girls still in bed, hubby at work. Then I went to grab my ipod off the computer and thought I’d check e-mail “real quick,” which turned into checking a few blogs, which turned into commenting at a few blogs…and before too long Miss A was awake, it was 7:30, and the window of opportunity had closed.  Missing a workout that I planned to do in the morning can really make me mad at myself all day…whereas when I manage to squeeze it in I feel great about myself all day…so why don’t I do myself a favor and just get it done?

One more hurdle for the old willpower…I am doing a great job of saying no to chocolate, now I need to learn how to say no to the computer.

I think I’ll make a little sign to put above the monitor…”Have you worked out this morning?”

Maybe I’ll add this: “No? Then GET YOUR ASS OUT OF THE CHAIR AND JUST DO IT.”

I’m sure Nike won’t mind if I borrow that last part…they’re free to use my half of the statement.

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