Drinking and Driving

Each day of this summer test drive, I am finding another thing I like about my little Sony e-reader. I am saving up most of these tidbits for my review, but here’s one I discovered last night. It’s a pretty amazing revelation…I just had to share, are you ready? Here it is:

You can drink a glass of wine and read at the same time.

As in: the glass in one hand, and the novel (e-reader) in the other. Simultaneous intake of booze and book.  So convenient when lounging on the couch after the rest of the family has gone to bed.

I suppose you could do the same while holding a paperback…but my dexterity isn’t quite up for that. Especially after a glass. It’s sad but true…one glass of wine and my toes are tingling.

e reader and wine

Though I think I have made another discovery: the wine at the bottom of the box has a higher alcohol content.

Yes, I drink boxed wine.


Please don’t judge me.

Oh, go ahead and judge me – I won’t care – I’m too busy getting soused.

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