A Monday Muse Finds Me

Serendipity. Last week I went out in search of some new MM’s and lo and behold, one finds me. Turns out, she was looking for “Mama artists” too…funny how things work – so she finds my site and leaves a comment…of course, I go check out her site, and well, wouldn’t you know it – she is the perfect example of a Monday Muse!

So, I ask her if she minds if I feature her as a MM, and (this is so sweet) she asks me “What do I need to do?” Here was my response:

You already did it! Your site showcasing your talent, and your dedication to your craft, juxtaposed with life as a wife and mother are what I find so inspiring. When I started the Monday Muse thing I was really beating myself up about not balancing the demands of daily life with the drive – need – to create (in my case, working on my novel and a few short stories that are half fleshed out, though I have dabbled in watercolor and pen and ink, completely as a novice though). Looking around for other busy mothers who had managed to continue to pursue their artistic side, and do it well, gives me hope (and a good kick in the backside) to keep trying myself.

She also was kind enough to honor my request for some suggestions on other possible MM’s, which I will be checking out over the next few weeks.

SO, without further ado – let me introduce you to this week’s Monday Muse: illustrator Jennifer DesAutels (even her name is artsy, doncha think?) She does beautiful watercolors (my favorite medium) and I love how she captures her children in everyday moments and turns it into art. (The one of the 2 girls in the shopping cart reminded me so very much of my own 2 girls!!!).

She also makes adorable personalized growth charts (I am adding this to Lil G’s wish list right now). So if you are looking for a very unique gift, check it out!

Thanks for sharing your life and art with us Jenn, keep up the great work!

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