Another point for the e-reader

Yesterday I had to do something I really detest.

Something I try to avoid at all costs.

Yesterday I made a return at Wal-Mart. Why…why is there always the line of doom stretching towards infinity at Wal-Mart service desks? So there I am, Lil’ G in the cart making faces at the old man behind us (he was making faces right back), people with frickn’ tv sets from 1982 in line ahead of me…and I’m thinking that if Wal-Mart was around when Dante was alive…well, you know where I’m going with that.

But you know what? The e-reader, tucked neatly in the front pocket of my purse, was a beam of golden light, saving me from the drudgery of my  surroundings. In seconds I went from flourescent lights and bad stretch pants to Imperial China and the Festival of Fertility. I tell you what, it was the first time EVER I was disappointed to get to the head of a line at the WalMarts.

Oh e-reader, what will I do when you are gone from my life?

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