Inspiration Keeps Coming My Way

I mentioned that last week’s Monday Muse, Jennifer DesAutels sent me a few suggestions on other websites created by wonderfully artistic women. I have been checking them out here and there, and definitely found a few keepers!

This week I want to tell you about artist Bella Sinclair.

Artwork by Bella Sinclair
IF Parade by Bella Sinclair

She just moved back to the states after living in Tokyo for awhile (the above illustration was inspired from watching Japanese children walking to school in their uniforms).

Miss A and I spent an enjoyable afternoon perusing her gorgeous, whimsical artwork. Like this piece (one of Miss A’s favorites). There are many more adorable prints, but you should go visit her site and see them for yourself.

Amandine & Beatriz by Bella Sinclair
Amandine & Beatriz by Bella Sinclair

Reading Bella’s blog I felt an instant connection with her – based on the simple fact she is a “stay-at-home mom” raising two daughters. I guess it’s sort of an extended version of that instant connection pregnant women feel when encountering each other in a grocery store. Despite being perfect strangers – there is an instant familiarity.

So after poking around her site I actually read the most recent entry, and my heart just dropped. Tucked amongst all the delightful drawings, the notes and pictures about various Japanese landmarks,  the comments about preparing to move back to the states, Bella informs her readers that her loving husband passed away suddenly.

Maybe it was because of the aforementioned connection I had subconsciously created, but despite having never heard of this woman til this week, her news hit me really hard.  The phrase is overused, but it fits: my heart went out to her.

She hasn’t posted on her blog since that entry in late June, and I can’t begin to imagine all that she’s going through.

Stop by her site, find some joy in her work, and perhaps leave a comment hoping to offer a little joy to her.

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