Finding Myself A Brand New Lover

Did anyone immediately think of THIS when hearing that post title?

Excuse me for a minute while I recall my days of rollerskating and boy ogling.

And giggling…lots of giggling.

In stonewashed jeans.

But not rolled up. I never followed that trend.

Ok,  leaving nineteen-eighty-whatever and arriving in the here and now, I’m still happily married and all – but my summer fling with a Sony E-Reader has taken on a new character: she’s  sexy, she’s spicy, and she’s dressed in red pleather. Actually, it’s more of a burgundy. Yes, I said she. Maybe the new Sony reader felt feminine to me because she is the exact color of my favorite toe nail polish, but I have to say, her wardrobe choice embarrasses me a little.  As a red head myself, I am aware that certain colors just are a no-no…it simply ain’t pretty.

And heads up, whoever chooses these combos – red and burgundy…eck.

Meet Miss Scarlett
Meet Miss Scarlett

This picture doesn’t do the color clashing justice; but I assure you, it is abrasive on the eyes.

The cover is really neither here nor there, though; especially since SB Sarah was kind enough to point out some of the lovely accessories available for the Sony 505, including Skins! Yes!

If you recall, my initial lusty summer fling developed an issue with getting turned on, and SB Sarah stepped in to save the day; alerting Sony to the problem.

Within 48 hours I had a new e-book to test drive. Which is waaaaay awesome (sorry, going back to the 80’s there again) but makes me stop and wonder just how accommodating Sony would be about an issue like this were I your average consumer (and not one of the lucky 30?).

But I didn’t worry too long – I had reading to do and stuff.

So, my two readers sat down for tea to discuss things a bit.

sony e-reader tea

And no, I didn’t actually set up the whole “tea” thing on purpose – I’m wierd enough to have my dining room table pre-set for tea (hey, I like the way it looks), but not so wierd as to plot a scenario in which 2 of my electronic devices meet for tea (though give me a few more years raising my 2 red headed daughters, and I might be ready to board that crazy train) – actually, I saw the teacup in the background of the pic and the scenario wrote itself.

So Miss Scarlett explained to the Silver Bullet that it was time for him to head off into the sunset. She tried to let him down gently. I think the dude understood – because he gave me no trouble when I had to add Miss S as an authorized device and then started loading books onto her.

I was a tad concerned that adding a new e-reader on my computer/Sony store  and getting books I had already bought onto her  was going to be tricky – but it was a b-uh-reeze.  Within 10 minutes of the new reader arriving at my doorstep I had the thing recognized, authorized, loaded, and ready to roll read. The only thing that took a second was the e-books I had borrowed from the library. I had to plug the Silver Bullet back in, remind Adobe Digital Edition that I had borrowed these 2 books, then plug Miss Scarlett in, authorize her, and badda-bing (how would YOU spell that?) with a drag and drop,  the borrowed e-books were on both readers.

Sony allows you to authorize up to 6 items – so having access to e-books you have purchased on your computer, laptop, netbook, e-reader, cell phone, and (shhhh!) work computer – should not be an issue. At the moment, I have both e-readers installed and authorized – but before the weekend is out I plan to de-authorize the Silver Bullet, pack his broke ass up, and ship him back to SB Sarah.

Miss Scarlett and I are looking forward to spending the rest of the summer in a wine-induced haze of girlfriendy bliss.

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