It’s Too Late to Change, My Love

Did you ever date someone until finally one day you just got so fed up with a particular quirk/problem/ISSUE that you decide to throw in the towel and announce you want to break up? And immediately following that announcement your no-longer-significant-other decides to suddenly “change” and start treating you better, cleaning up their life, and fixing their ISSUES?

Yet you don’t stay – you aren’t fooled – you know it’s not permanent.

And even if it is a change for the better, it’s too little, too late.

Well, apparently the Silver Bullet wasn’t taking the end of our summer  romance as well as I thought.  Before I could pack his broke ass up to get shipped back to SBHQ, I dropped him…and would you believe it – the contrary bad boy now works perfectly! His power button is sliding on and off like nothing ever happened.

Oh no buddy, you’re not fooling me.  You’re still heading out the door. Miss Scarlett and I agree it’s for the best.

But for anybody else out there who is dealing with a Sony 505 E-reader and the power button decides to flip out and jam…I have a simple solution.

Drop that misbehaving bee-yatch on the floor.

And if this doesn’t work, and in fact causes more damage – do NOT come looking to blame me. I’m not the best person to be taking technical advice from, after all – I just used the word “bee-yatch.”

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