It’s Like A Blogger’s Bread Crumb Trail

But instead of leading me to a nasty old witch with a craving for chubby children; following the trail of websites from one artistic mother to another has led to delicious discoveries of women with incredible talent and the passion to find the time to make it happen. Follow along, as the trail leads from last week’s Bella Sinclair, to an artist that seems to be Bella’s  on-line best buddy in art, Ces: of the breathtaking website, Ces And Her Dishes. I especially like her Fruity series, in which all the illustrations are done in COLORED PENCIL! Colored pencil, really! With such a simple tool, she makes truly beauiful images – now that takes talent. Go take a look, they are really great.

I promise.

I plan to continue following this particular trail of crumbs next week, since I spotted another Mama artist mentioned on Ces’ blog – and I can’t wait to introduce her to you…oh, well, I guess I can wait – til next Monday.

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