Tycoons’ Tarts and Mandates’ Mistresses are Endangered Species

Bet you didn’t know that, huh?

Apparently, category contemporary romance novels are struggling to stay alive.

save the contemporary

I guess I was inadvertently contributing to their demise, since my taste runs to big thick historical romances, and until my recent endeavors with the Sony E-reader and Harlequin’s $25 gift certificate (and their offering of many free e-books in honor of their 60th anny) I had never read a category contemporary (CC).

The SmartBitches (along with other romance novel review sites) are reaching out to encourage one and all to get out there and try some contemporary. Before you scoff, give it a try – reading outside your comfort zone is always an experience, and good or bad, positive or negative, you are sure to learn something about yourself in the process.

In order to encourage you, Harlequin is ruuning a 25% discount on all their e-books and  all week long the SB’s are giving away some free CC’s, and free stuff is always a great way to encourage people to do something. Afterall, I can remember a 12 year-old me donating $20 of my hard earned babysitting money to the WWF because I thought the free tote bag was just so darn cute.

So pretend you are Luke Skywalker, I’m Princess Leia and your computer is R2D2…this post is my version of “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, I need your help.”

Except it’s for some books…not a fictional intergalactic war.

And I don’t have cinnamon buns attached to my earlobes.

r2-d2-princess-leia-hologram contemporary

I gotta tell you, personally – it’s the titles that get me, how can anyone take something like

The Spaniard’s Virgin Housekeeper seriously?


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