Who Allows this?

Thank you, thank you for coming by and sharing some bizarre CC titles with me. I iz enjoying it very much. (Sorry, once you start writing like that, it can be hard to stop).

Some of the titles mentioned are just awful, but some make me want to jump and say “Don’t Be Ridiculous!” (Have you seen that Robot Chicken skit?)

It makes me seriously wonder, in all honest amazement and stupefied curiosity, who out there reads some of those titles and thinks, “Yep! That’s awesome!”

They’re the same bozos who approve all that eye-burning cover art…aren’t they?

So, as to the titles you all have listed – I giggled a few of them to the husband, who responded with a title of his own:

coming soon to a bookstore near you:

The Guy At Starbucks Grinds My Beans

I’m thinking we have potential for a whole series here! (Or “line” is that what they call it?) They could be the “Coffeehouse Hotties” line of books, including such titles as

Barsita’s Babe

Self-Indulgent Pretty Boy With Philosophy Degree’s Imaginary Virgin

Chai For Love

The Tea Tycoon’s Tempestuous Office Girl

Three O’Clock Pick Me Up

The Muffin Magnate’s Mistress

I could keep going, but I know you have a few titles to add to this promising new series!

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