A Classic WTF moment

Miss A is following in her mama’s footsteps. Around the time I was 6 years old I became completely obsessed with all things Star Wars (having a crush on Luke Skywalker might have been part of it). For some reason, I would have this reoccurring dream that Luke was coming to visit me at my house (except, it was a younger Luke than in the movie, like 8 or so, and he was wearing a red turtleneck) and he would throw rocks at my window and my dad would yell at him to go away. I didn’t say it was a great dream, it’s just one I clearly remember having many times when I was 6.

Anyways, so Miss A is now 6 and is obsessed with all things Star Wars.  So there are lots of lightsaber fights  and attempts to use the Force around here. She has big plans to dress as Princess Leia for Halloween (with Lil’ G going as R2D2  of course).

I won’t let her watch Revenge of the Sith until she is 10, but I finally decided she could watch Attack of The Clones. Watching along with her, I saw one of my favorite moments in the movie that I had forgotten about.

I don’t think it’s breaking news to say that Hayden Christensen, while not bad on the eyes, was a bit weak in the acting dept. Perhaps it was the horrible dialogue that was at fault, or Lucas’s inability to work well with humans, but in any case – his performance fell short.

There was however, one moment I thought he played to perfection. It was done so well it was really believable. Believable and hilarious. That moment when they first arrive at Padme’s little lake house hideaway on Naboo, and she is outfit #456 – she and Anakin are on the balcony, and he is overcome with her hotness, so he moves in for a kiss…she responds for a moment…then leaves the poor boy hanging.  Watch this, if you don’t remember. (Skip to 1:37 for “the face”)

The look on his face after she says no is just priceless. Classic “WTF woman!?!”

Lemme see some hands – how many of you boys can remember being in just such a moment? I am embarrassed to admit I pulled that on the husband a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

And we were a tad farther along then a smooch.

Obviously, he got over it.

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