When Something Might be Funnier Than It Should Be

I was in the mood for a laugh, so I decided to pay a quick visit to icanhascheezburger. However, nothing on their cover page was really getting the giggles going, so I did some clicking around, and found a link on their site to “look-alikes” basically side by side pictures of any two items that look alike. Some are weird, some are surprising, some are disturbing, and some are witty and/or outright hilarious. Quite a few got me laughing, but it was THIS ONE in particular that had me really cackling. I don’t know why…I guess the idea of the evil eye of Sauron casting it’s deadly gaze on you would be a great way to say no to dessert. He’s watching you…and he knows.

Oh yes, he knows.

And if you touch that piece of triple chocolate fudge mocha cheesecake (do they have such a thing?) then the Ringwraiths will be coming for you (or would they be cheesecakewraiths?).

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