Another Delicious Crumb on the Monday Muse Trail

Last week I mentioned how I have been finding all sorts of wonderfully inspiring examples of artistic Mamas simply by jumping from one blog to the next – there is quite a community out there! Continuing on this particular trail that all started a few weeks ago when another artist Mama found me while looking for the same thing, I’d like to introduce you to today’s Monday Muse, Aimee of Artsyville, discovered while I was at last week’s Monday Muse site, Ces and Her Dishes. Aimee is witty and colorful and fun, and I love her inspirational musings blended with cute and crazy artwork: it’s a treat to browse through. She also takes all kinds of quirky photos that prove we are surrounded by art everyday if we just know how to look for it. Now that’s inspirational!

I loved this post she did about the view from her house: the stream-of-consciousness monologue of nit-pickiness and moments of funny musings really just reminded me, of …well, me.

Go, indulge yourself, and take a look around Artsyville.

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