Multi-Tasking Monday Muse x3

I consider myself a multi-tasking maven…I seem to have always thrived on having half a million things going on at once…but some multi-tasking mamas just put me to shame (like my idol: The Pioneer Woman).  I want to know…do these women sleep? As summer comes to a close, I am starting to put together a mental list of all I’d like to accomplish in the fall. I’ll make a schedule, and feel like a failure when I don’t stick to it…but I gotta at least make the attempt…who knows, I might surprise myself.

Anyways, today’s Monday Muse is a Mama who is a multi-tasking creative dynamo, she has so much creative wonderfulness she needs more than one website to showcase it all! Meet Jan DiCintio, an incredibly creative woman who designs gorgeous textiles as seen on her site, Daisy Janie. Scrolling through the site, I found a neat post about turning your kids’ artwork into t-shirts…LOVE IT! But it’s her other website that really speaks to me – Scoutie Girl is a cornucopia of crafty goodness.

ETA: Well, as it turns out, ScoutieGirl used to be Jan’s site,  but recently she passed the baton over to Tara Gentile, creator of the site HandmadeinPA, and newly made editor of ScoutieGirl. Tara is a masterful multi-tasking Mama Muse in her own right, and practices what she preaches by showcasing all sorts of local artists on her “Hip” site.

And, somehow the planets aligned and the world makes perfect sense for a few seconds – a post today at Scoutie Girl is all about the exact reasons I do Monday Muse! Tara interviewed crafty mama Tamara from from blockpartypress. Talking about kids and art and work and finding the balance to make it all, well, work! It appears ScoutieGirl has a bit called “finding passion” on their site, that I plan to check out often.

Go pay any of these Monday Muses a visit, I dare you not to be inspired! In the meantime, throw a load of laundry in, start lunch for the kids, and spend 5 minutes on a hobby you love.


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