Balloon Drama and MmmmBlaaaah

Balloons are a subject of much angst and argument and anxiety in our house. Whenever Miss A gets one, the husband gets all cranky and ranty and wants the balloon to remain at whatever location it came from…as in – not our house. His disproportionately angry reaction to balloons is a direct result of Miss A’s disproportionately  hysterical response when she loses a balloon. Like yesterday, we went for a playdate and my friend had leftover balloons and a helium tank from a weekend party so she made lots of balloons for the kids to play with and gave Miss A some to take home. I dreaded the husband’s reaction, but told Miss A she could keep them as long as they stayed in her basement playroom. The issue was solved for me when the balloons flew out the  car window less than 30 seconds after I started driving. It was hot and humid in the car, and without thinking, I rolled down the windows…oops.

The screaming and crying and wailing that ensued was horrendous. You would have thought Miss A lost a pet or broke a limb…but nope – balloons just have this kind of effect on her.

So she continues to rave for awhile, bawling about how she is, “So  saaaaad, nothing will make me happy!”

After a bit of this she begins to tell me, “I don’t know how I will ever be happy again! I think you will have to buy me a present.”

The husband and I both couldn’t help but laugh at this audacity, and he goes on to make up a story about how one day, Miss A will have a husband who has to bring her presents all the time, like when she burns her toast and will never be happy again.

“Oh, your poor husband.” my hubby tells Miss A.

To which Miss A’s instant response was, “He wont be poor.”

The unintentional hilarity continued later at dinner, when Miss A refused to eat her Mac’n cheese after the first bite.

“It’s  MMMMMblaaaah!” she says!

“Um…what’s that?”

“You know, when something tastes good at first, then tastes really bad?!? That’s mmmmmblaaah.”

Hmmmm, you know, she has a point…I have eaten mmmmblaaah foods myself before.

How about you?

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