It’s not Monday, but this Muse Inspires Everyday

If it bothers you… forget that it’s Tuesday, and  pretend it’s Monday while reading today’s Monday Muse. I first learned of photographer Miss Booshay (aka Donna Boucher) via her guest posts on the Pioneer Woman’s website.

I feel a special kinship to this Muse, based on the simple fact that she has two red-headed daughters as well.

We are a special breed of people…we mothers of redheads.

I also love her signature sign-off to each post “Encourage One Another.” What a simple, yet inspiring statement. A true Muse if I ever saw one.

She is the kind of person who sees the beauty in everything, and is able to capture that with her photography. Her pictures always seem to say something…and I like that.

Her photography advice is like her signature: simple and inspiring. Her posts are straight forward and unassuming, full of helpful hints and tips, as well as suggestions for others who share her passion for capturing a moment in time to reflect on forever.

Her blog also includes links to the Well-Trained Mind and a Jane Austen site…which makes me love this woman all the more.

Go pay Miz Booshay a visit, I think you’ll love her too.

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