Monday Muse Meets MishMish!

Can I have an amen for the alliteration?

Today’s Monday Muse is Susie Libell, a mom of two chaotic little people (as she prefers to call her punks/heathens/chilluns/epsilons/offspring/etc – please-insert-your-moniker-of-choice here). Susie writes the delightful blog Inner Toddler, in whose words I recognize a kindred spirit: her posts create a catch-all journal of sorts that relive events of the day, air troubles, share triumphs, showcase discoveries, and pretty much cover the same bases that many of us artist-mommies run circles around everyday.

Like yours truly, Susie also made the leap and started a company this year: MishMish Studio. Go browse a bit  – you’ll find lots of watercolor prints in luscious colors. If you’re looking for something completely different to decorate the kiddo’s rooms, check out her animal line (the name prints are awesome too).

Best of luck with the business Susie! Keep up all the hard work!


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