Guilty Pleasure

I spend a bit too much time on the interwebs, I’ll admit – but in my defense, I hardly ever watch t.v.

Like ever.

The husband and I try to catch The Soup together on Friday nights, and that pretty much covers my viewing time for the week.

Last night the Soup had a clip from the Daytime Emmy Awards Show involving a Soap opera montage. My husband turns to me and asks, “Do they really show that kind of stuff on t.v. during the day?” To which I replied, “Probably, but I wouldn’t know – I don’t watch soaps.”

And I don’t –  I have neither the time nor interest to watch any of that stuff now. But our conversation reminded me of a time when I did watch a soap: for about a year I was hooked on One Life to Live. It was 1995 I think. After graduating high school a year early at age 16, I spent the next few years taking classes at the local community college to earn an Associates degree and get all my basic credits out of the way while working like crazy to save money to go to a “real” school. My schedule included a full load of classes in the morning, then home for a quick lunch before my afternoon gig at a nearby convenience store (my time at that job allows me to truly relate to the movie Clerks.) My shift was 2-6, which gave me time to go back to school in the evening for a night class or rehearsals.

Anyway, One Life to Live came on t.v. at 1pm, so I started watching it while having lunch and became hooked on a story line involving the characters Dylan, Marty, and Patrick.

Mostly I was hooked because of this him:

chistopher douglas

I’m a happily married woman, but I am not ashamed to say my then-teenage self lusted after the Dylan Moody character (played by Christopher Douglas). Except the guy (whether in real life or just his character) was a total lame-o. I just liked to look at him. He was purty.

His character was in love with a girl named Marty, who went off to Ireland for some reason or another and met Patrick. Now, Patrick was yummy too, and had an Irish accent to boot.  He quoted poetry and Shakespeare and walked around with his shirt off alot.  Of course Patrick and Marty fall madly in  love and he ends up back in her town and a love triangle ensues. Oh man, I was hooked.

Problem was, the show was on from 1-2 pm and did I mention my shift started at 2?  So it was always a mad dash out of the house after I pulled myself away from the screen. I hated always missing the last 10 angsty minutes or so.

Life moved on though and my schedule got crazier, and before long I forgot all about Marty, Patrick, and delicious Dylan.

Til last night, when our conversation reminded me of the one time in my life  I did watch a soap opera. So  I did what any normal person would do: I searched youtube for old episodes…and I discovered this.

And I don’t think I have to tell you I wasted way too much time watching those clips….it was past midnight before I decided I’d been indulging long enough.

And yes, I’ll be going back to finish watching them.

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