Double Yay for More Free Books!

Thanks to a tip over at the SB’s, I learned of the offer from Mills&Boon (the equivalent to HQ across the pond).  You can download a selected book from several of their series; a total 10 free books! I like using the e-pub file for downloads, load it up to Adobe Digital Reader, then copy it to my Sony Reader Library when I’m ready to tote it around (our time is nearly at an end…I must ship Miss Scarlett back Sept 30th).

And speaking of HQ, I’m sure you are already aware of the similar promotion they have been offering all summer, but in case you haven’t heard about it, in honor of their 60th anniversary, they are offering 16 free e-books.

Now granted, many of the titles are beyond absurd (Pleasure,Pregnancy, and a Proposition anyone?), and I’m sure my gag reflex will kick in from time to time at the awfulness…but if I find just one new author that I like, it will have been worth it.

Besides, did I mention they are free?

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