MIA Monday Muse

I’m skipping Monday Muse this week – my children’s theatre company is still in its infancy, and started its first fall semester run on classes this afternoon. I was playing the role of multi-tasking maven today to the hilt as I put the finishing touches on the script, got Miss A’s homeschool lesson plans together for the week, actually taught a bit of those lessons, ran over for this week’s Biggest Loser weigh-in (down 3 lbs, yeah!)…all that on top of the usual feeding and cleaning and dressing of children and laundry and dishes.

We did accept the lovely invitation to play in a friend of  a friend’s pool before it closed for the summer.  I’m glad I let Miss A have that hour of fun…yes my schedule was full and hectic, but summer is almost over and you only live once. She had an awesome time (Lil G gad fun too).

I also managed to squeeze in a shower.

So you know what? I’m my own muse today!

Drama Mama…Multi-Tasking Maven.

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