Monday Muse Master

Today’s Monday Muse is a bit different – not because she doesn’t do all the things the rest of us Mama artists struggle to do each day (laundry, parenting, dishes, laundry, creative time!, vacuuming…) but because she’s managed to become insanely successful at her craft and beat the odds in so many ways.  She taught in the science field and wrote comics on the side – but has become an internationally best selling author of what I would loosely call romantic fiction (if you have ever read DG, you know it’s soooo much more than that). Her books smash all expectations: they cross genres, demolish typical expected page counts,  span gender preferences, and become their own thing – simply beause there is nothing in the world quite like them, not even close.

I’m talking, of course, of Diana Gabaldon – author of the Outlander series, and high on my list of people I’d love to sit down to dinner with for a long evening of wine and conversation. The latest book in her series comes out tomorrow (Echo In the Bone – #7 in the series – and not the last she promises us!)

She is launching her book tour…and will be within 90 minutes of my house next week…do I ditch my sand volleyball game to play gushing fangirl?

Let me see how much a ticket costs to her book reading/signing and I’ll get back to you.

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