Monday Muse says Hi to Smitty Baby

Thanks to a recent post on the Pioneer Woman (turns out she’s also the idol of today’s Monday Muse) I learned about Smitty Baby…and am jealous I didn’t think of that idea first! Not the crafty clothes and baby items, I’ll gladly ooh and aah and let someone else design and create those things  – but that adorable book – what an awesome idea! I may make one with Lil’ G simply for the joy of doing it. The book’s design reminds me of Lauren Child’s work – (you know, Charlie and Lola?) with patterns and colors and a funky scrapbooky feel to the layout of it.

smitty baby book

Smitty baby’s Mama, Meridith, is close to my age, and had her first baby just a few months after Lil’ G was born…I think it’s amazing all she has managed to do as a new Mama in the past year. Check out her blog – she and her husband seem fun and funny and I wish them all the best in every crafty cool idea they come up with.

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