Toilet Tag and other Potty Humor

I teach drama classes for kids, and often, lots of funny things happen. After all, as Bill Cosby could tell you, “Kids say the darndest things.” They also do the darndest things too.

The other day, in the few minutes before class began, the kids in my drama class amused themselves by playing games. I was taking attendance, reviewing the script and only half paying attention when I heard one of them yell, “Flush me! Flush me!”

“What?” I asked the child hopping up and down.

“I need to get flushed so I can be free!” she said.

Apparently, the kids are playing a new form of freeze tag they had invented. I remember playing freeze tag as a kid, and our own rendition: called t.v. tag, where  – if you were about to get tagged, you had to yell out the name of a t.v. show that no one else had said yet to save yourself from being frozen.

In the version these kids were playing, if someone tagged you, you had to freeze in the shape of a toilet (only a kid could imagine turning themselves into a toilet) and wait til someone ran by  and “flushed” you by pulling on your hand (the toilet lever). Sound effects were a bonus.

Miss A seems to love a variety of potty humor…my husband still remembers at a young age how Miss A was playing with her tea set and brought him a pretend cup of coffee…he pretended to drink it and she started laughing hilariously…when he asked her what was so funny, she announced that she had pooped in his coffee. It was pretend poop, of course, but the thought was still there. I fear my daughter is destined for t.v. shows like Girls Behaving Badly or the Bad Girls Club…or perhaps her very own t.v. series, a female version of Jackass (Jackette?).  I can see it now, clips of her storming into our room at night so she can pummel her Dad while the camera rolls. She will already walk over to him and sit on his lap so she can “toot” on him.

Where this sense of humor comes from, I have no idea. I just hope she never decided to step it up and instead of  pretend poop, we find the real thing.

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