Homeschool does Phys. Ed

There are a lot of assumptions made about homeschoolers, and I believe one of them creates the image of a housebound kid who sits around all day and never gets any physical activity – after all, there is no gymnasium and no crabby p.e. teacher wearing bad shorts. (Well, I’m crabby sometimes, but I don’t wear bad shorts, just ratty yoga pants).

Actually, I believe the reverse is true: I think homeschooled kids get more physical activity than the average “regular school” kid.

Take Miss A, each week she has Irish dance lessons, gymnastics, at least 1 or 2 park playdates, and nature walks. In the past few months we have also added running to her schedule, in preparation for her very first race. We’re not talking serious training here, Miss A is only 6 after all.  Just a few times a week she’d come out with me for a mile jog…the goal at first was for her to run the whole mile without stopping for a walk break – then we started to increase speed just a little bit. Along the way Miss A learned how to keep her arms close to her body, to straighten and lengthen her stride, and to control her hands so she had better balance.

Before we knew it, it was race day! One of Miss A’s best friends (also a homeschooler) was racing with her.

running girls

First the girls did the 100  meter dash – which was specifically for their age group (5-8).

racing miss a

Miss A is pretty easy to spot in the front…red hair is convenient that way.

Then came the race we had been “training” for – the 1 mile! Miss A did awesome – she picked up the pace and was able to maintain it the whole race.  I was so proud of her.

Her buddy placed in their age group, and it was so cool when it was announced that Miss A had placed in the overall group! Of all the girls racing (up to 14 years old) Miss A had managed to score 3rd place.  She got a medal and, even better – a pumpkin.

winning a pumpkin

Miss A is a natural runner, even when I pushed her to go faster, she was always able to keep up a constant stream of chatter. Combined with her long legs (she can thank her Dada) and her desire to always be first – I have a feeling she will be leaving me in the dust all too soon.

And you know what? I’m ok with that.

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